Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Hey Dad~I just wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday!  Yes, I did get you something, and yes it is late but hopefully the thought is what counts.  I am stealing an idea from one of my friends who does this for all of her family members on their birthdays....Here are 56 cool things about my awesome dad in honor of his 56 years on this planet.

1.  He taught me to love the game of golf, someday I hope to have time to play again!
2.  He is an extremely hard worker.
3.  He works very hard to stay in shape.
4.  He has a mean outside hook shot on the basketball court.
5.  He doesn't mind that his sons take all of his best ties, socks, and shorts.
6.  He knows how to laugh at himself and has a great sense of humor.
7.  He is very mellow.
8.  He has the best blue eyes and passed them on to some of us kids and also to a few grandkids.
9.  He loves those BYU Cougars.
10.  He has raised 9 kids and is still mostly sane.
11.  He can SELL anything!
12.  HE went back to school in his 40's to get his CPA.....someday I would love to go back to school to get my masters as well.
13.  He is an awesome grandpa.
14.  He has been the scoutmaster lots of times.
15.  He grew up in the teeny tiny town of Roberts, ID.
16.  He has the best stories about growing up there and got into a lot of mischief with his brothers and friends.
17.  He is very easygoing.
18.  He loves loves loves graham crackers and milk.
19.  He is not so good at containing fires in the backyard.
20.  He always puts Mom first.
21.  He taught all of us the value of hard work.
22.  He is a whopping 6'6" man trapped in a 5'10" body.
23.  He taught me to let things roll off of my back.
24.  He always set a good example of studying his scriptures and living the gospel.
25.  He loves root beer floats.
26.  He has very cool mission stories from being in Thailand in the early 70s.
27.  He can drive for hours on end listening to fuzzy AM radio.
28.  He always drives his cars to their maximum limit and may have set world records for high mileage.
29.  He has listened to Rush Limbaugh for as long as I can remember.
30.  He loves chinese food.
31.He was always very generous with the Maverick card.
32.  He is a good listener.
33.  He looks terrific for 56 and could pass for 36:)  
34.  He can fall asleep anytime anywhere.
35.  He let me tag along with him on his morning runs on my bike when I was 7 years old~I still remember this so I should probably do the same for my kids.
36.  He grew up in the coolest 100 year old stone house....I have so many great memories from visiting there growing up.  It was a magical place as a young child.
37.  I am not sure if he really likes Mr Goodbars but we have been giving them to him for years thinking they are his favorite.
38.  I can't remember him losing his temper on very many occasions.
39.  He has a great laugh.
40.  He knows the value of a power nap.
41.  He set a great example to his sons on how to be  good husband and father.
42.  He has a very kind heart.
43.  He took time to come to my high school golf tournaments even though I wasn't very good.
44.  He loves to hear about his kids and grandkids.
45.  He will probably never retire.
46.  He will try to fix almost anything.
47.  He always leads clean up duty after dinner as well as potato peeling before dinner.
48.  He passed on his love for learning to all of us. 
49.  Cracked windshields  don't bother him in the least bit.
50.  He is very humble and doesn't flaunt his many successes.
51.  He taught me the art of sprinkling a bit of sugar onto my cereal.
52.  He loves to sing corny songs and play his guitar.
53.  He is very conscious of others' feelings.
54.  He has a great collection of books that I  am very envious of.
55.  He would help anyone in need and is very generous with his time and wisdom.
56.  He is the greatest Dad ever and has always been an excellent example and friend to me.

Happy Birthday Dad!  I love you!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter pictures



Our festivities started on Friday, we took the kids to see the "Wiggles." Morgan loves the "Wiggles" she is always walking around singing their songs and multiple times a day she will say "I NEED to watch the wiggle." David was even having a blast, He was jumping and clapping along! Jared and I had a good time just watching the kids.

On Saturday morning, a family in our ward had an Easter get together. The kids got to hunt for eggs. Morgan was having a ball searching for the eggs. The Easter bunny was there getting pictures with all the kids, Morgan wasn't so sure about getting anywhere near the bunny. David was content with whatever, he doesn't care who's holding him or whats going on as long as he has something to suck on.
In the afternoon while the kids were down for their naps, Jared and I took the time to organize our new Office/Craft room. We got some new file cabinets, book case and drawers for all of our stuff. Its finally starting to come together.

Saturday night we had a babysitter, and Jared and I went to some friends and played games. It was a much needed break on my part to not have to put kids to bed or dealing with tantrums. It was 5 hours of complete bliss!
Today was a pretty usual Sabbath, we didn't do anything to special. We would have loved to be with some family, but seeing how that wasn't an option we just took it easy.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend in Idaho and Wyoming

I decided to take a quick weekend trip up to Idaho, and went with my good friend Jenni.
We visited Jackson with Devin and Andrea, and stayed at the Phillip's condo in Driggs Friday night. We met a cool snowboarder who took some pictures for us at the pass, and there was a lot of snow. We saw some of my other good friends before we headed back to Idaho Falls to chill at our house. We made a great Sunday dinner and invited Sharilyn and Carolyn to join us from BYU-Idaho. We drove back after dinner and had a great time messing around with the voice commands on the GPS in my Honda...we averaged 35.2 mpg on the way back and made it from Rexburg to Provo on less than half of a tank! How nice is that when gas is over $3! The weekend was pretty eventful and we also taught the CTR 5 primary class...I did okay, but communicating with 4-5 year olds is not my specialty...Jenni pulled through for us though!