Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stoker Family Reunion Pt. 1

Playing outside

Sharese w/ the baby bjorn...devin julie and me in the van all squished together!

Oh david! ashley devin julie and matt
halle with the horse.. random pic of morgan

The fish pond was sure something fun!

Morgan was so excited for the horses!

Devin- singing

Mom and dad with there celebration dance

Morgan again!

Back To School

So I started school last week after many schedule changes, new classrooms, and and totally different teachers! I am starting eighth grade this year and having an absolute blast! Some of my teachers are kinda crazy...expecially my english teacher Mrs. Weston...she has this strange obsession with goats (scarred from having one as a pet) and she laughs hysterically to the point of no breathing when they are mentioned. But I am getting along well in all my classes, finally getting used to my schedule of waking up bafore ten o'clock. One thing I am worried about is Mom and Dad! I don't know how they live with out me all day :)...
Recently I started soccer with the school so hopefully I can get some pictures of that in some upcoming posts! Family pcitures and the reunion will surface also!!