Thursday, January 21, 2010


In between my studies for finals this week I thought I had better blog! New Year's resolution.... probably won't happen!

Well this week we had Monday and Friday off, so I decided to do some fun things with my friends. On Monday we (Emily, Ivy, and I) went sledding by my house and tomorrow (Friday) I am hopefully going to be well enough to go skiing with one of my really good friends, Ally.

Here are some pictures of sledding craziness... we took about 168 in all, but I will share some of the best.

Perching??Me and Emily! Locker buddies :]IVY!
Caught off guard.. Tongue sticking out!

Jumping into a snow bank
All of our sleds!

And us.. paused for a moment in my room! So, hopefully, i will get some skiing pictures up soon!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!!

With everyone else wishing a happy new year recently, I thought'd be okay if mine was a week late. New Year's was great and we each had our own little celebrations. Mom and dad stayed home, Ashley went to Matt's, and I went to a couple of parties. Needless to say it was a great last day of 2009! I wish everyone well in this brand new year!.... and decade!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow days.....

This past week, we have been getting TONS of snow! In the last three days we've shoveled the driveway and the walk at least 6 times. Yesterday mom, dad, and I shoveled the entire driveway then when we walked back to the house, there was all ready about another inch waiting to be taken away again.... haha if we don't have some killer arm muscles by the end of winter I don't know what'll have gone wrong!! Today ashley and I did the back of the driveway and after we were done, we decided to build a snowman. Why not?? The snow was perfect for packing so we used some fabric for a scarf, raisins for a smile, ritz crackers for eyes, sticks for arms, and a carrot for a nose. We also had some surprise ingredients to give him some colorful red and yellow hair.. (i'm gonna let you figure out what THAT is).
It was so much fun when we got done. Today so far has been so much fun for the last day of my Christmas break. We're also going out to eat tonight as a family, and later I am heading out to go ice skating with a couple of my friends :] Stuffing as much stuff in before I have to go back to school and church which will start at 9:30 now instead of 1:30!