Saturday, December 20, 2008

14th Birthday

My birthday was yesterday! I finally turned 14! I didn't get hardly any pictures of the event but it was very special!
I got a new jacket(that I am wearing) and a new soccer ball. I can't even begin to tell you how many presents I got from my friends!! They are absolutely awesome! I had a really fun day with a party and being surprised by my friend coming to see me after school. It was a great day to remember!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

100 Things About Me

I saw this on ashley's.sharese's.and kayla's blog and thought it was pretty cool so I decided to do it.

1. I am the youngest in my family

2.I love to scrapbook and make cards!

3. I absolutely adore little kids and babies, and I love to babysit, even though I never get to!

4.I can't stand the smell of grape or berry anything. It makes me feel sick.

5. If i ride in the car too long I start to feel sick and I get a headache.

6. I recently started playing soccer and I aboslutely love it!

7. I can read for hours and hours it really gets me to settle down and I am able to really relax.

8. I hate painting my nails, it makes them feel heavy and I'll pick at them all day to get the polish off.

9.I play around with my earrings when I'm bored, i'll pull them out put them back in push them back and forth, anything you can imagine.

10. I love things to be clean and organized and can't stand messes.

11. I don't know how to french braid but i wish i did.

12. I have never been out of the country and most of the places we vacationed I can't remember b/c I was too young.

13. Reading and math are my favorite subjects.

14. I hate science

15. My favorite colors are brown and blue!!

16. I have never moved

17.I love big furry dogs but can't stand little ones.

18. I grew up in a family that worships byu, so i follow suit!

19. This is my favorite number in the world!!

20. My name means- she who is born at christmastime.

21. I was born on the 19th of december

22. I love to figure out things like puzzles, games, how to make things and I try to do most with out instructions!

23. I have 9 amazing brothers and sisters that really are great examples to me.

24. I am the tallest girl of my sisters

25. I can list off 150 stems (prefixes, suffixes, and roots) and their meanings from memory.

26.I hate the sounds of alarm clocks, vacuums, and velcro.

27. I love taking pictures of people and i think that it would be really cool to become a photographer

28. More about the scrapbooking thing... I absolutely love to! it is soooo much fun to use ribbons ink and buttons to make your pages come to life!!

29. There is only one year difference between me and my closest sister and my nephew jordan. (5yrs and 4yrs)

30. I have a cell phone and am only 13 years old!

31. The B.O.M is my favoritest book

32. I have weird phrases and actions.

33. I call mom and dad- mamacita/maja and daddykins/faja

34. I hate feet and frequently ask others to tie my shoes for me so that I don't have to touch them!

35. I have taken piano for 3 years.

36. I love Christmas music, decorations, and festivities.

37. I have never eaten bologna and don't thin I ever will!

38. I lied in elementary when I said I am lactose-intolerant jsut to get juice every day

39. I love Lost, 24, Heroes, SYTYCD, ABDC, and I Love Lucy.

40. I hate swimming, i feel like I am drowning and i feel so uncomfortable in the pool

41. That might be the reason why I never take baths..

42. I love to spell and once I won a speeling bee in 1st grade. i got a free package of girl scout cookies YUM!

43.I hate cold sores but frequently get them!

44. I have a hammock in my bedroom

45. I am the only child left at home with my parents

46. This leads to people thinking I am spoiled.......psh like that is ever true :).. :P

47. My middle name I share with my mom as she has the middle name Susan as well.

48. I always thought it was weird when people don't give their first two children middle names.

49. If i wouldn't have been named natalie, mom probably would've name me chelsie or mackenzie...ew

50. I did gymnastics for about a month and have successfully accomplished a cartwheel, roundoff, backbend, and a somersault!

51. I wear contacts.

52. at school I get really crazy during sixth hour. why? i don't really know.

53. I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.

54. I really like cold sheets, I love to put my toes in them and snuggle.

55. I hate wearing socks and shoes, ever.

56. I love the summer and being outside.

57. I frequently answer people in spanish and it is a habit that is very, very hard to break!

58. i really love my sister ashley, not just for her clothes, make-up, jewelry, shoes, or her car rides she gives me, but b/c of how close us two are. We can tell each other anything

59. i love discussing books with my brothers and love being in their company. I really look up to them!

60. I have really great sisters-in-law and a brother-in-law, they are so awesome and I connect with each of them on so many levels!

61. I love singing and frequently burst into song at random moments.

62. I am repeatedly told to use my "inside voice" i have yet decided what using "that" means.

63. I sleep with a fan at night and can't fall asleep w/ out it

64. I have some amazing friends. They are all great examples to me and we are all very close.

65. I don't know what I would do w/ out sweats.

66. I hate carrying purses and can't understand the neccessity of having one

67. I loved as a kid hanging off the banister holding a sheet and swinging around.

68. I figure skate and can do quite a few tricks!

69. I love asking trivia questions and remembering little tidbit facts that no one else knows.

70. I work at the family business and i know lots of things about nuts, fruits, mixes, candies, and sesame sticks

71. I really like shredded wheat and Life cereal

72. Ashley and I have a secret language.."erk terk"

73. I like bangs on people

74. I have been told that I have muscular fingers

75. ""I personally belive that 1/5 of americans don't know how to read maps b/c......""

76. I have stubby, chubby thumbs that really are quite fascinating to other people

77.My right foot is a bit smaller than my left

78. I love princess shows, and my favorite shows when I was little was Anastasia and the Swan Princess.

79. I really really like insane weather shows like Volcano and Mt....something something..but i really like The Day After Tomorrow.

80. My favorite songs are anything with a good beat and anything I know the lyrics to!

81. I like squash and broccli with peanut butter and raisins on it, and rice with meilk and c/s on it.

82. I have rope shoes commonly referred to as my "Bible Shoes" or my "mose's shoes" or my "mexican shoes"

83. I like to be able to make weird noises or weird sounds cause not everyone can do them :)

84. I once won an award for drawing a picture to promote a drug-free life

85. I have an obsession in the winter with the heater on the main floor.

86.I get headaches when I wear glasses/sunglasses for too long

87. I really look up to my sister sharese and I wish I could be like her someday

88. I was left at a beach and didn't even notice it until mom and dad came looking for me.

89. I have chubby, stubby feet.

90. I really like Big Hunk candy bars

91. and Itunes and my ipod

92.I'm really good at remembering lyrics and school related stuff.

93. I have my own particular way of dancing.

94. I am obsessed with my mango pomeganate body wash

95. I love drama at my school mainly b/c of portrey

96. I have no cousins that are my age that are girls

97. *sticks out pinkie*

98. "we are in a fight"

99. I really like to compliment people even though it might not come out that way.

100. I love to be happy and exuberant and I love my family very much and can't stand having them living away!!

Hope you enjoyed my 100 things about me!! It took quite a while

Friday, October 31, 2008

My first family blog post

So I am sitting in the kitchen at Sharese's house and decided to add something to the family blog. Tomorrow I will embark on a long journey across several states and thought I would leave a blog post in the event that something catastrophic happens. I am going to cruise across the country in a 2001 Acura CL Type S with 25k miles. The car is in immaculate condition aside from the cobwebs on the inside of the car! I also thought you would all enjoy a little taste of my personal workout...I have been working on a special training program that I devised to tone my upper body. I have been at this now for seven months and the results have been phenomonal. I spent the Haloween weekend eating as much sugar as I could though. Tomorrow I will go to Emma's soccer game, stop at the Gap outlet, and head for Kansas City.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


With all the costumes and halloweeny things that have been happening I have decided to share with you my Halloween costume. (Ashley donated most, if not all the items found here)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


So I was so privileged to get to go to Yellowstone..again! It was acutally pretty fun going with all my friends and seeing some new things like Steamboat Geyser the largest the world!! We left at 6:30 and got back at 4:00..lucky us right? Haha it was a lot of fun despite me and osme friends having to do a hike over because we got "lost". We went on Uncle Tom's Trail, which let me tell you I don't know how he did it again and again back in the day. 328 steps that descend pretty much staight down wasn't the most thrilling thing ever to do. Although it was very breathtaking it took quite a while! About the wildlife...We saw one buffalo, a chipmunk and a crow.. great sights to see right?
Lila, Mars and me Steamboat Geyser
Me and Miss Mac
it was soooo sunny

The girls
We were kinda worried about there not being any restrooms...:)

Me and pretty much my favortie girl in the whole world, Mac
Largest geyser in the world!
The trail we went on

Esther just wouldn't make any facial expressions!

Cici (who is a wee bit taller than I) and me

The Wildlife that we were asked to stay AT LEAST 100 feet away from..
Purdy Rainbow

Trail Signs
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Meand some of my favorite gals: emily,jordan, and ivy

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stoker Family Reunion Pt. 2 - Yellowstone

Mom, Dad, Sharese and family, along with Jared and family, and last but not least me, all got into the car and headed for Yellowstone. We saw some beautiful sights that were absolutely amazing, took great walks and had fun with the camper we rented :).... Here is some pictures of the trip.







Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stoker Family Reunion Pt. 1

Playing outside

Sharese w/ the baby bjorn...devin julie and me in the van all squished together!

Oh david! ashley devin julie and matt
halle with the horse.. random pic of morgan

The fish pond was sure something fun!

Morgan was so excited for the horses!

Devin- singing

Mom and dad with there celebration dance

Morgan again!