Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mom's Birthday

Happy 54th Mom! Yesterday, 24th, it was Mom's birthday and while her and dad were in Jackson, I weeded the garden and made a cake for her. Then we went shopping and she got rugs! haha and a shirt :D it was very fun and I hope she had a good time. Here's the cake. We put strawberries on top too.

Love this action shot!! Very good photography by someone I might add!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Long Time No Blog!

Whew! There's some blogs of the last month or so.....? Well, now everyone is all caught up on the the Stoker's life! We have been a wee bit too nutty to blog lately so it was a marathon blog today! That's what summer is for though, right?

Island Park...CAMPING!

So, Mom, Dad, me, and one of my good friends, Ally, all went camping last weekend. We drove up to Island Park on Friday and did a 10-mile hike. Afterwards we were all pretty much DEAD. (Hint hint reason for no pictures of us sitting around the campfire hint hint) Seriously, i've never had hot dog taste SO GOOD in my life! or s'mores, roasted starburst, and cantaloupe for that matter either. At least I got pictures of us on the hike though so here goes.

We had to cross so many creeks to keep going on the trail. There were tons of bridges that went over grass but none that went over the water? Very confusing!

On the trail. About the ONLY time Mom and Dad were ahead of us. I led for most of the time!

Me and Ally on one of the bridges.

Oh beautiful for water break that lets you rest awhile.....
Mom and Dad

My Closet Project

So, my closet has been a little sketchy in the cleanliness area lately. Last week I decided to full on take everything out and organize it...PERFECTLY. Here are some of the BEFORE pictures. (Sorry Ash, had to borrow, mine was all ready empty by the time I thought of this)
All the empty shelves.....Probably the first time since we moved in!

And of course, the AFTER photos. I put all my shoes in nice clean rows that have all ready lasted a whole week!

All my bottoms are organized and folded neatly....we'll see how long THAT lasts!
Gotta love sweats!
And last, organized by color, and sleeve length, are the shirts!

Now, let's just hope it can LAST for more than a week, shall we?

Devin & Julie's

So sometime in June....I stayed at Devin and Julie's for about two weeks. We had ALOT of fun and definitely some serious bonding went on :D whether it was through painting, P90X workouts, eating Red Mango, going boating, or just hanging out and watching a movie.
For mutual one night we made Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
The mixFinished product......(except we had about 40x this many!)
Jeremy brought us some killer shakes one day that were SO good. Where can you go wrong with Peach, Strawberry, Banana, and Kiwi?

Julie's brother, Rich, had his birthday on Saturday night so we all went to a Real Soccer Game. Plus we went out to dinner to Ruby River...let me tell you I think i know what I am ordering there
Bear Lake Raspberry Chicken? Anyone heard of it? It's pretty much AMAZING.

We sat in the highest seats possible, faced the sun, and pretty much died of heat. But, it was totally worth it!
Real Salt Lake played Toronto and dominated 3-0.

Notice how FULL the stadium was!
So, another thing we did ALOT of was shopping. SLC? Best shopping place for miles if you live in Idaho Falls! First shopping trip of the summer for me, and I labeled it '"everything for EFY" so that way I can always go shopping in August when "everything for School" comes around :) Mom, Julie, and I all got stuff at Forever 21. We stayed there for SO long. It was unbelievable.

Another thing we accomplished was painting the downstairs. We painted it a cream color whereas before it was yellowish? Here's the after picture.
The difference in colors.
Julie and I also got pedicures :) I still have the polish on! little side note...if you have an education you get along better with partner? girlfriends gossip?....Julie will understand! or try. Haha the guy doing our pedicures was trying to talk about educations and an assortment of stuff. Unfortunately, besides note being able to hear or understand his accent, we had NO idea what he was saying or talking about!

But at least our pedicures look nice! I had a great time there. We did so much other stuff I can't even remember everything! Thank you SO much: Devin and Julie for letting me stay so long to just chill, taking me shopping, letting me sleep in until noon, and eating Red Mango!; Jeremy for letting me stay at your house and taking me for a run; Josh for buying me dinner one night!
Hopefully Jared and Kayla, Sharese and Travis, and Josh? this means I'm coming to visit all of you next!

Father's Day

All right, so I know this is a LITTLE late, but it's the thought that counts, right? Matt made this desk for Dad. Stained, built, everything! Here's a picture of it.
BEFORE: picture of Dad's nasty, old, dusty, broken desk.AFTER: Dad's nice, new, clean, good-smelling desk