Thursday, October 29, 2009

Slave Labor.....

Yes, yes I know what you may be thinking... Having ten kids has gotten to mom and she is trying to force all the work they did onto me now! haha not quite.. but pretty close! This week we've been getting the house ready for a viewing that was supposed to be in a couple more days, but tings never turn out like they are supposed to right? We've been scrambling to clean EVERYTHING! I wish you could see the pruning and cleaning that dad and our hired man Wade did for us. It is absolutely amazing! Our house is no longer obese... instead just anorexic. All the plants are about 1/4 size they used to be. It looks so profesional though which is just amazing. Mom also painted the dining room and put new curtains up that are just so amazing! i would post some pictures but I'm being forced out of the house as we speak because the realtor and the viewers are coming here in ten minutes!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Science Field Trip

Last Wednesday, October 21st, our science class went to Swan Valley to test water in Rainey Creek and in the South Fork of the Snake River. It was so much fun because I got to be part of the group that waded out in the water! It was freezing cold but totally worth it. After we were all done testing we built a huge fire and roasted hot dogs, s'mores, starburst, and tons of other stuff. We actually are going again in the Spring to test water again after the snow melts.

Rainey Creek #2 This creek was pretty skinny ? would you say instead of wide? But it was so deep in some places up to my chest and it was muddy and rocky so I could hardly get out- I had to walk downstream to get out even. Me and Ally at South Fork. If you look in the background under the bridge there are lots of rocks and I walked out all the way out there.
This was our whole group that went on the trip.
The campfire we built and roasted things on it :]
Me and Ally in our glasses!!

New Haircut

About two weeks ago for the first. time. ever. I went to a salon lady to get my hair cut. Usually mom cuts it but this time I really wanted to do something really really cute to it instead of the usualy trim so I got it layered and cut off all the nasty split ends! It is way cute and there are tons of layers in the back. My ponytail is so short now and it is like unbelievable! But I love it!!

This is before:You can kinda see the layers but it is a lot shorter! now this is after:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jared and Kayla's Stay

Awhile ago, (and I mean AWHILE ago!) Jared and Kayla with their kids came and stayed with us before they went down to Utah for Sierra's baby blessing. I took most of these pictures on my cell phone so bear with me!Sierra is the sweetest little baby girl. She is so cute and i just absolutely adore her!!
Our new toilet art...?

Davy!Morgan and I were sitting outside and she saw that I had my cell phone out so she told me,"Take a picture, take a picture!"Jared is such a good father. He is so sweet and nice and just so thoughtful! (Even when it came to David playing Barbies with Morgan on the computer!) "Isn't there some G.I. Joe [internet] site he can play on instead of barbies??" hahaI think I sense something in this picture...?David LOVES this swing like no other!Playing with some balloons ma'am.
Kayla! She is so great. I love you my wonderful sister-in-law!