Friday, February 19, 2010

ISU Field Trip!

Yesterday the two Honor's Science classes at Taylorview headed to ISU for National Engineers Week. Everybody participated in different areas to make projects whether it be: perpetual motion, edible cars, clay boats, spaghetti bridges, electric car, and mousetrap car. Ally, Shaylyn, and me all did edible cars.. and despite our efforts we didn't walk away with any prizes, just very sticky hands. We put alot of effort into it, but walking into the competition blind is pretty hard. The day was still so much fun! We played around alot and met tons of new people.. Plus, even though my group didn't win, Taylorview still won 1/2 to 3/4 of the awards. THat's right! We dominated!!

Both classes

Me and Katie on the bus

I met a new friend!
Our car died a painful death at the end of the ramp
To celebrate our wins in class Friday we had a little party with Root Beer and dry ice.

Our second food car! Rice Krispies, kisses, pretzels, and marshmallow wheels. We even put a liscense plate on it that said: "UBUGME"
We were really bored on our way down!! haha

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

St. George

I've been doggin' it on my posts lately so here goes...
St. George temple at night... So pretty! It just barely got painted. Apparently it is is made out of red sandstone and just painted white!! Fun fact!On one of our many dessert stops! We had to make up with teh mistake of getting ice cream from Jack In the Box so we stopped at DQ the next night! My blizzard was overflowing!Last week mom, dad, and I headed out to sunny, warm, 65 degree St. George for my Ice Breaker soccer tourney. An arch we saw on our way down....We left Thursday after school and went to SLC where we stayed with Devin and Julie for the night. Some nummy razzleberry pie was picked up along with ice cream for dessert.
What got me thru the long trip: Red Mango- frogurt, and homework. We began the long drive Friday and got there around 2:30. We stayed in Cedar City (about 40 miles north) at the Crystal Inn. They had the BEST breakfast ever. I was pretty much in love with it the whole weekend... despite the fact that it was free and served in a pub.. ANYWAYS! once we got to Cedar City we started shopping! There major store Christensen's was our first stop.
I was looking at some Mek's to try on when I reached into the pocket and found $250! in cash!! Wow! haha I toook it up to the front desk where we found out whose it was ( this lady named Tangie). It was definitely a warm fuzzy moment!

haha afterwards we stopped for dinner at the Hong Kong Buffet. Let me tell you, that place is SOOO good. There was so much food and even a sushi bar and a dessert bar and like 30 other bars of food! A chinese lady waited on us and I'm not gonna lie I was kinda scared. She kept staring at me so I felt pretty intimidated. If you look closely you can see her in the background with the pink shirt staring right at me!

"For buffet to go PLEASE make sure that the box is fully closed when it is finished. We will charge an extra price IF IT IS not closed!!"

Later that night we watched "Up" which mom and dad loved! Cutest show ever. Sorry, had to include this picture. I have to say it is the CREEPIEST rabbit I have ever seen so I had to document it! Saturday the games started and we played two, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The first game the other team was up by 3 goals at half but we came back and scored 2. In the second game we lost 1-0. I didn't get to play my main position (sweeper, defense). instead I played striker or forward, and wing. It was a new experience, but once I got the hang of it I got really aggressive!Me and Dad. and me and mom... bonding moment!!
With our extra time we escaped to go shopping and to play some golf. I got some way cute pants! and other stuff:]
We had a spaghetti dinner that night with the team at one of my friend's condos. We played the "What if" game. All the girls decided to gang up on our coach, Charlie, and after I had all ready written my question, I thought of an even better one! What if Charlie bit me??? refer to youtube clip.

Sunday we were able to go to a local church and watch the movie about hockey, "Miracle." the first time I watched it I fell asleep so this time I made a conscious effort to stay awake... yeah.. lasted about an hour!
Duke, Jill, Mom and Dad... the old rag tag gang!
Later in the day we decided to go visit one of dad's mission companions, Duke Hollingshead, who are also college friends with Mom and Jill H., out in Minersville. It was really fun and everyone got to reflect on old memories and times. WE also got to go feed Duke's cows and see his horse and baby calf, along with the old dairyWe also saw the Parowan Gap, with the crazy engravings on the stones. The Gap between the mountains!
(don't tell dad but there WERE buffalo there way back when!!!)
Monday we had our last game where we played the number 1 seeded team!
All the Taylorview gals! We lost by 2... or maybe 3. For the weekend tourney I thought my team played pretty good for only have 3 practices together. not even outside! We still have a foot and a half of snow in Idaho!Our whole team!

We shopped a little on the way home before arriving at our end of travel at around 9 o'clock. I got to drive from a little before blackfoot till all the way home! It was a lot of fun to drive, and to let mom and dad have a little break.
Well, that was it for our President's weekend! On to this new week with my science field trip to ISU to compete in the edible car contest (more on that later) so Hobey ho, let's go!