Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Josh's and the Mall of America!

To celebrate my week off for Spring Break, mom, dad, and I all headed out on a 28-hour drive to see Josh, Sharese & family. The first weekend we spent with Josh in Rochester, MN. He showed us all the amazing sights, and his work. He's doing his residency at the Mayo Clinic there and he graciously gave us a tour. The thing is HUGE! (...well technically it has a hospital and a clinic? but I won't go into that) It started as a convent? or a place with nuns then when the influenza of the early 1900's came, the two Mayo brothers in partnership with the nuns used it as a place of refuge and healing... then voila! It is what it is today. Despite the various add ons and underground tunnels that span the entire city. It was very calm there and up beat. Definitely not filled with the doom and gloom of some places. I was so proud when I saw Josh's name on a little board in the section of the clinic he works in! Aww.. All grown up:]

These really weird light things that were hanging in one of the corners.Sniff sniff.. I'm tearing up. But look! There's Josh's name. How precious is that??

The next day we drove to Minneapolis to go to the Mall of America! It. Was. Gigantic. Four floors/stories of shops, cafes, stores, amusement park, and anything you name it they have it! The mini-disneyland is in the center of the beast and stores surround the park in a huge circle, then stores surround those stores! Ahh! There had to be at least 1,000 stores. Luckily we got there earlier in the morning so we could shop a little before it got SO crowded. (definitely not a good idea to go on a Saturday!)

Now that I’m home, Dad jokes with the shopping I did we have our own “Hall of America” right here in this house. I think he might be right!

Three floors! (for most of it.. .there was a little hidden fourth floor)

Waiting in line for rides all by myself... :( haha just kidding. There were only enough points leftover for one ride! Josh and Mom came on the other rides with me.


Mom, Josh, and I on the twisty twister!Lego Land (this one is for Devin, Jeremy, and Dallin.)

The indoor Amusement Park

Phew... thankfully there are escalators!

Mall Directory. Picture = of one floor. and it has four sides.

It was so fun to see Josh and to visit the places he sees everyday! Now.. the 12-hour drive to Sharese’s!

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