Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Out of School!!

Alex, me, and BrookeSo my last week was pretty much awesome.. Monday we had off for Memorial Day, and Tuesday was our last "real" day of school. I had finals in all of my classes and luckily I passed them! I was so happy. Wednesday we cleaned out our lockers and had an ice cream social with our fellow 9th graders before starting yearbook signing. Thursday (just our luck) was pouring rain and freezing but of course we still headed out to go to Heise Hot Springs... and swam the whole day!

Ally, my bestie!

We are such sillies... the slide isn't heated and the hotpools are in a different building all the way down the road, but of course we still bought [unlimited] slide passes. Hannah, one of my friends, and I went down the slide 8 times in a row. It was freezing!! I ended going about 20ish times that day down the slide, and the hotpools I spent like hours in! And I'm pretty sure I still smell like sulfur! and for some odd reason I haven't taken off my wristband for Heise and it's a whole week later.... interesting!

Soccer girls!

WARNING: do not show the following picture to small children. Nightmares could result!So, if you notice, her eyes are a wee bit different in their dilation. Her left eye was even smaller and her other eye was even bigger earlier in the week! Hehe it was awesome. She sports the nickname "Patchy" now. (She left her contact in for 3 days and got an infection in her cornea or something like that)

Friday. Our last day of 9th grade. Freshman year. Over. The big dogs of the Junior High now move to the High School as little underclassmen and are [OFFICIALLY] in high school. All day we just signed yearbooks and chilled, of course in my last hour, History, my teacher still taught a lesson. Typical!

Wow. My junior high years passed by way too fast. I had so much fun though, and it was nice saying all my good byes and see you next years' to the awesome people I've met lately.

That weekend I had my first Summer BBall tourney in North Fremont (a.k.a on the edge of civilization-the FAR edge). I played in 6 games! And I scored! and assisted 2-3 shots. So i felt pretty good for my first ever bball games!

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