Sunday, May 16, 2010


Our computer has been broken. So. I am using that as my excuse for not updating this "family blog" of our little threeish foursome at home.
Well. This last month has passed by WAY too fast. I only have 14 days left of school!
I've had two soccer tournaments. One in twin falls, and one here in IF. The weekend in Twin Falls.. I drove the entire way there I was SO proud! And our games went really good. Saturday we played The Utah Firebirds and tied them 2-2. We played together like a team so well. Our game in the afternoon we lost 2-0 to Boise's Rush Nike. They were both age 16 teams, premier, some of the best in their states! Which says something about how much better our team is getting!
After visiting with Jeff and Rose, and making a stop at Costco, we rushed home. Uncle Carl and Aunt Joan just got back from their mission in Sacramento, so all the family came to hear them in church and visit. It was really pleasant and we got to meet Doris, Clark's (Marilyn, Sharilyn, Robbie) new wife. She was super nice and her cooking was delicious!
Sunday we went to Joan/Carl's homecoming and afterwards to dinner at their house. Everyone that could come was there and it was just great to see everyone. We got to meet Sharilyn's husband, Thomas and hear his amzing conversion story. It was just great.
Fast forward a weekend!
A couple of my friends and me crashed the freshman formal at our rival junior high, Gale. It was a blast and we danced the night away!
Next weekend!
IF soccer tourney! Again our team played awesome and we are improving SO much. I've really bonded with them (finally) and we all get along. Our team lost the first game, tied the second, and won the third. Somehow with the way our points turned out we got to play two games saturday instead of one friday, saturday, and sunday. I was really excited because usually i never get to play the last game!
Well. That's our update for the last month! Sorry. Again no pictures. I'm too lazy! But hopefully once I'm done with school i will have sharese-worthy posts! Haha everyone have a great week!

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